Shuttleworth Flash Grant

I’ve been working some the past year or so with Kathi Fletcher and especially in connection with her projects at the OER-PUB group. Kathi is a Shuttleworth Fellow and recently nominated me for a Shuttleworth Flash Grant. You would think an application would be in order. Nope, apparently Kathi’s support is enough. Done, grant awarded. Fantastic! Thanks Kathi, and Shuttleworth Foundation, for the vote of confidence.

Better yet, the grant conditions do not include any kind of official reporting. When does this ever happen? I am expected to use the Shuttleworth logo (see sidebar), plus “We ask you to live openly, tell us and the world what you have done with the money” and “Share with the world how you used this award to bring your idea forward.” So I will be using posts here to communicate progress, and likely have a project page on the Sage wiki.

Initial details on grant activities in another post shortly.

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